A Birthday Gift for Mrs. Wilson

by Evelyn Horan

"Mrs. Wilson is watching us play with our ball," Tommy said."

She's old and she doesn't have any children. Mother told me she has a birthday tomorrow."

"I think she's lonely," Liz said, tossing the ball back to Tommy " We'd better go inside. It's time for dinner."

When Tommy enter the kitchen, his eyes opened wide. " Mother, where did these cute little kittens come from?" he asked.

"Kittens?" Liz said, following close behind Tommy.

"Uncle Mike brought them over. One for each of you."

Tommy knelt down to pet the kittens.

Liz joined him. "Which one is mine?" she asked, petting a little yellow kitten.

"You can choose," Mother said.

Liz and Tommy cuddled the kittens.

"They're so cute," Liz said.

"They'll make good friends. You'll have a lot of fun with them," Mother said, smiling.

"It's nice of Uncle Mike to give them to us," Liz said.

She looked at her brother. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked.

Tommy nodded. " Mother, do you think we could give one of the kittens to Mrs. Wilson for her birthday gift?

Mrs. Wilson seems lonely. She often sits at her window, or in her chair on the front porch all by herself, and watches us play."

"If we gave her a kitten, she'd have a special friend," Liz said. "And because she lives next door, the two kittens could visit and play with one another."

"That's a good idea," Mother said. Which one will you give her?"

Liz and Tommy pointed to the same yellow kitten. "I think this one will be a good companion for Mrs. Wilson," Liz said.

" We can put a little bell around its neck, so Mrs. Wilson will always know where the kitten is," Tommy said.

After dinner, Liz and Tommy knocked on Mrs. Wilson's door. In a few moments it opened.

Tommy stepped forward holding the yellow kitten with a little gold bell around its neck.

"Mrs. Wilson, " he said, "our uncle brought us two kittens, and we thought you would like to have one. for your birthday." He put the squirming kitty in Mrs. Wilson's arms.

" Oh, my! It's so precious," Mrs. Wilson said softly.

" I'd love to have it. And I know how to care for it, since I've had kittens in the past."

Mrs. Wilson held her new kitten in her arms. It squirmed and stretched up tall and put wet kisses on her cheeks.

"Thank you for the kitten," she said, wiping tears from her eyes.

"You are wonderful neighbors, and such good friends to think of me. This kitten is the best birthday gift I've had in many years."

"Mother said to tell you, she'd like for you to join us for dinner tomorrow to celebrate your birthday."

Mrs. Wilson's eyes began to tear up. "Thank your mother so much. Tell her, I'd be happy to join my good neighbors for a birthday dinner."

As the children walked home, Tommy said, "I'm glad Mrs. Wilson likes the little kitten." 

"They will be good friends," Liz said, smiling.

" I know she won't be lonely anymore. She will have a nice birthday dinner with us tomorrow, and now she has a sweet little kitten to keep her company. " 


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