The Third Beatitude

 Blessed are the meek,
for they shall possess the earth. 

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The Greek word for meek is PRAUS.
Praus was used when speaking about a domestic animal.

    A domestic animal is a tamed animal that is trained so that they can live with people. Like a cat or dog that can stay inside your home because they have learned how to act properly inside your house. You would not want a wild unruly animal to tear up everything and terrorize your family. You want a trained DOMESTIC MEEK pet that obeys you, is kind, gentle and loving.

    Meet MEEKER, he is a strong show horse that has been trained and disciplined so that he can be controlled by his master Jamie. Meeker is a powerful horse that Jamie trusts to ride because he obeys her and he is gentle. When Meeker goes to a horse show he is able to jump large hurdles, because he has received hours of training. The training makes his muscles strong so that his body is the best that it can be. He knows when to jump and how hard to jump. Meeker has been trained to know his masters voice. With even a gentle touch from his master he knows what he is suppose to do. Jamie named her horse MEEKER because he trusts and obeys her and he puts his faith in her everyday. When they go to horse shows MEEKER is strong, mighty and bold before the audiance and he preforms magnificantly.

    God wants us to be MEEK like MEEKER. He wants us to put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ everyday. God desires for us to be strong and controlled by God. He wants us to submit our own will to God's will. When we learn to trust and walk with God everyday it is easy to be strong and bold when we are before the world and when satan tries to test us. A Meek person does not rely on himself, saying, I can do all things. I have confidence in myself for I am strong and able. Instead a meek person says, I know God, and He is able and willing to help me. "I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me."

    A Meek person trusts the Lord.
    A Meek person is wise.
    A Meek person is strong
    A Meek person is patient.
    A Meek person is faithful.
    A Meek person is disciplined.
    A Meek person submits his will to God
    and allows God to direct his life.

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    Copyright ©2004
    This lesson is taken from the writing of Beatitudes by Robert Wells

    Horse picture found at Horse Nuts Clip Art

    Animations by Kitty Roach