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Please take a moment to pray over these pages.
Easter is when we receive the highest traffic on our site.
Many children and teachers find our site through search engines.
Missionaries and teachers around the world use these pages and lessons as their main teaching resources. This Easter Just 4 Kids Magazine reached it's limit in allowed gigabites transfer. We pay a set fee each month just to have the website online.
On Palm Sunday we reached our maximum and had to pay an additional $15.
Monday and Tuesday we had to pay $10.00 each day just for the day's traffic so that we could keep the site online.
Each day we MUST determine if we can keep the site open by the number of subscribers. These pages are still available because of the members who are supporting it by paying for memberships today. They are helping keep these stories online so that children can read stories about Jesus and the true meaning of Easter. We want to give our whole hearted Thanks to each of you for supporting this site. The Easter pages reached over 100,000 hits over last weekend, however only a very few helped support this ministry. Our family would not have been able to keep it open without them.