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    Several years ago I was researching the meanings of birthstones. I discovered that the birthstones for each month of the year originated from the 12 stones that God told Moses to place on the High Priest breastplate for Aaron to wear. Each stone had a special meaning from God. Then I found that the 12 stones that make the foundation of the New Jerusalem in Heaven are the same stones found on the breastplate. The names of the stones changed over the years from Exodus until Revelation. This fascinated me and I continued researching and reading more. As I started looking at the placement of the stones on the foundation they seemed to resemble a rainbow of colors. Jasper on top being Red all the way to the last stone Amethyst being purple. I was able to find a stone under each catagory listed in Revelation 21: 19 that would resemble a Rainbow. (For example a chalcedony includes Agate stones, and a chrysoprase includes a turquoise stone.)

    God began to reveal to me some of His awesome truths from the foundation stones. What I could not understand was why the red was the first step, yet it is the top color of the rainbow. I began researching rainbows to try to understand. Then one Sunday during Pastor Rob Koke's sermon he said "God's revelation from Him to us". I instantly realized that the reason the first step "Red" is on top is because it is God bringing His revelation to us.

    My husband, Craig, said he saw a vision of heaven as a pyramid. I received more confirmation when I read "Visions of the Veil" by H. A. Baker. This book is about orphan boys in China who received revealations from the Holy Spirit's outpouring between 1911 and 1919. CLICK HERE to read Pages 52 and 53.

    I have read many books from adults writing about their experences of heavenly adventures. They all speak of the brightness of heaven. I believe children have a better eye for small details like noticing that the foundation is a rainbow of colors. While adults are so captured with God's Love that they miss the details. God has inspired me to create Princesses and Knights to help teach children about God's story. You can read some of the stories by clicking the left "Enter" button below for children. The "Enter" button on the right is more on my notes and research of the stones.



Rainbow Castle will soon be offering books, jewelry, and videos in the near future.

"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us."
Romans 8: 37








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