Rainbow Castle Bracelets & Necklaces

    Directions for Rainbow Bracelets and Necklaces:


    *   There are 12 stones in the foundation of the New Jerusalem.
    You will need 12 different colors of beads. I use 3 beads of each color except for the light green. I use only 1 bead of light green because it represents the counsel of our One God through the Holy Spirit.

    *   You can use a necklace chain or braiding cord that is thin enough for the beads to be threaded through.

    *   Start with the 3 purple, then continue until you string the 3 red beads. I then thread a cross charm, and then thread 3 more red beads, going backwards until I end with the 3 purple beads.

    *   If you would like the necklace to have all beads you can use either black or gold beads in the back between the purple beads.

Red ~ represents Jasper or Ruby
Orange ~ represents Orange Sapphire
Yellow - represents Agate
Green - represents Emerald
Light Green - represents Peridot
White - represents Pearl
Clear - represents diamonds
Light Blue - represents Aquamarine
Dark Blue - represents Blue Topaz
Blue Green - represents Turquoise
Pink - represents Jacinth
Purple - represents Amethyst


    Use one bead of each of the 12 colors above.
    Thread beads in order from Red to Purple through braiding cord.
    Tie a double knot on both ends so that the beads do not move.
    Make sure there is enough braiding cord left on each side so
    that the bracelet will fit the child and have enough room to tie
    it on their wrist.

    I made these Rainbow Necklaces and Bracelets for my grandchildren for Christmas 2007.
    I used beads with more sparkle for the girls. They were really excited about the gift, and
    it gave me a chance to tell them about the vision that God gave John written in Revelations 21.
    The description of the foundation of the New Jerusalem in Heaven is so absolutely awesome.
    My mind can not even imagine the brilliance and beauty of what Heaven looks like. And God
    has prepared this for us His children because He loves us so much.

    (In the photo of Tyler wearing his Rainbow Necklace you might notice that I only used 1 turquoise bead. This was only because I did not have enough
    turquoise beads for all of my grandsons to have 3 on each side. I will add them after I get a chance to go back to the craft store.)


The picture on this page was made from
the beautiful Artwork of Jim Warren.
Used with permission.

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