Jasper (I selected Ruby)
Orange Sapphire
Chalcedony - also known as Agate
Sardius - Carnelian
Chrysolyte - (Diamond)
Beryl - (Aquamarine)
Chrysoprasus - (Turquoise & Jade)
Jacinth (light)

Revelation 21: lists the precious stones that make the foundation of the New Jeresalem. The order of the stones will appear to be a spectrum of colors. With this in mind I choose stones that wound most likely appear in the colors of the rainbow. For example there are several colors of a Sapphire, blue is the most common. However I personally believe God is using an Padparadscha Orange Sapphire, which is a more expensive and a rare precious stone. Orange is the second color in the true rainbow.

I am not an expert in stones, and therefore I am not sure of the color choices of a Sardius - Carnelian. The Red-Brown color that I found does not fit with the true rainbow order, but I found a light orange-yellow which does fit the spectrum much better. Also the Jacinth is usually an orange color, but the lighter version again fits the spectrum much more accurately. The stones I choose gives you a general idea, but in no way can it show the brillance of how awesome the foundation is! I hope this will help you to be somewhat prepared for your arrival to the New Jerusalem.


Aaron's Breastplate

Prism photograph from hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu