The Twelve Foundational Truths Of God

The bible tells us that God has prepared a mansion in Heaven for His children.

In the book of Revelation John had a vision from God.
He saw the New Jerusalem. It was filled with the glory of God
and flashed and glowed like a precious gem, crystal clear like jasper.
The city itself was pure, transparent gold like glass.
Even the streets are made of gold.

The walls are made of Jasper.
There are several colors of jasper.
My favorite is the beautiful red jasper.

The room to the right is a room at the Catherine Palace. The walls are made of jasper. I can imagine that the walls in heaven made by God are even more beautiful than these made by man.


Heaven's walls are broad and high, with twelve gates
guarded by twelve angels.
And the names of the twelve tribes
of Israel were written on the gates.
There were three gates on each side -
north, south, east and west.
The walls had twelve foundation stones, and on them
were written the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

The foundation is made of twelve layers of stones.

Each stone represents a Revelation of God's Truth.

Twelve is God's number of completion.
Twelve months in a year,
There are twelve hours on a clock,
twelve inches to a foot,
twelve signs in the zodiac,
twelve jurors to dispense justice,
twelve tribes of Israel,
twelve disciples
twelve gates to the city of Jerusalem,
and twelve stones in the foundation,

After much study on the positioning of the stones
from Revelation 21 I believe that the layering of
stones illuminate a rainbow effect.

The first 3 stones are Ruby, Sapphire and Agate.
These stones remind us of what Jesus did on the cross
to save us from sin and make us Righteous before God
and to become sons and daughters of the Heavenly King.

The middle six stones are:
Emerald, Peridot, Pearl
Diamond, Aquamarine, and Topaz.
They represent God's Spirit
through the Holy Spirit which is
Knowledge, Counsel, and Wisdom.
Fear of God, Power & Might, and Understanding.

The last 3 stones are
Turquoise, Jacinth, and Amethyst.
They represent how we are to walk.
Walk in Forgiveness so that we can also be forgiven.
Walk like Jesus Christ.
Walk Nobel and generous.

Helen Steiner Rice wrote a poem "God's Stairway"that tells us that with each step we grow closer to God. I pray that learning the twelve foundational truths of God will help you grow closer in a relationship with God.


The picture on this page was made from
the beautiful Artwork of Jim Warren.
Used with permission.


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