What Princess Do You Identify With?

  Princess Ruby

The Princess of Justice & Truth:

Princess Ruby believes in Truth
and is faithful to God, her friends and family.
She is able to gather strength from God and
stands up for what she knows in her heart to
be true. Using her judgement from the Word
of God she is able to make her life what God
desires for her.

  Princess Sapphire

The Princess of Righteousness:

Princess Sapphire is kind, loving and befriends everyone
with her positive and welcoming personality.
She is like the glistening rays of sunlight upon the water.
The breastplate is a covering that protects her heart.
Jesus covers our sins with His righteousness. When
she goes before God she is robed with Jesus' Righteousness.

  Princess Emerald

The Princess of Knowledge:

Princess Emerald spends her time
reading the bible. She enjoys her
quiet peaceful time listening to God.
She is known as the animal whisperer
because she takes time to listen.

  Princess Pearl

The Princess of Wisdom:

Princess Pearl is graceful, loves to dance and embraces life.
She knows that she can achieve all things with Jesus Christ.
The Devil will not keep her down
She has the power to rock this world.

  Princess Turquoise

The Princess of Forgiveness:

Princess Turquoise loves people.
She is tender and loving. She is quick to forgive
when someone does wrong. A wise princess knows
what to hold fast to and what to release. She holds on
to the promises of God and lets go of the things that
poison or frustrate life.

  Princess Jade

Princess Jade is called the Peaceful Princess
of Enchanted Forest. She loves God, nature
and animals.

  Queen Amethyst

The Queen of Nobility and Generosity :

Queen Amethyst loves God and
her family. She is a Daughter of God.
She knows that God has set her apart from
those in the world. She is divinely appointed
and chosen by the King of Kings. She lives the
kind of life that leads others to God.

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