Ancient China ~ TEST

(1)_______Means beautiful writing, it was China's name for writing.

A (2)________ person must be committed to three central beliefs. These are known as the three jewels as they are felt to be so precious. They consist of a belief in his teaching (this is known as Dharma which word also covers the practice of what he taught) and in the community (called Sangha). This is made up of ordinary people as well as the monks and nuns. The purpose is to help others and by doing so to cease to become selfish and to move on the way towards enlightenment. This religion does not have a god. (3)_________

A(4)__________ is a period of time when one family was in power. In other words, it is a line of rulers who belong to the same family.

The(5)___________ river system is about 3,000 miles long. This is about the distance from California to New York. The river empties into the Yellow Sea. This river system provided fertile soil and farmers were able to grow plenty of food.

China also has some of the highest mountain ranges in the world. One of these mountain ranges is known as the(6)______________. Mountains occupy about forty-three percent of China's land area.

(7)_____________ ~ China is the homeland of this popular drink.

China has many legends. One is of (8)_____________________ who makes the World. Another is of (9)______________ who controlled the flood.

The (10) ________________ people had bronze weapons, bronze fittings for chariots and harnesses, and bronze vessels connected with worship.

Their Dynasty's greatest achievements were the Calendar, Astronomy and (11)________________.

Yu established a line of kings called the (12)________________ . This was known as the first dynasty of China.

The (13)________________ eventually became stronger than the Shang, and in about 1040 B.C. they defeated the Shang in warfare.

The Chou invented a new system of authority which they called t'ien ming, or the (14)________________ . The idea to validate their takeover and subsequent ruling of the former Shang kingdom.

(15)________________ unified China, built the Great Wall, burned books valued by Confucius, and declared himself China's first sovereign emperor in 221 B.C.

The (16)________________ is a symbol of China's greatness and of the ability of man to achieve. It functioned for hundreds of years to spare the villages the random raids of tribes from the north, lending a stability to life and continuity to the culture and government. It marked the boundary; China

(17)________________ was a Chinese philosopher who taught love and respect of one's fellows, superiority to ambition, charity, forgivness and repentance.

The goal of (18)________________ is to bring all elements of existence- heaven, earth, and man- into harmony.

(19)________________ ~ During the time of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 CE), this 5000-mile stretch of trade routes was possibly the world's first "Internet," linking Asia to Europe and Africa.

The ancient Chinese belief concerning dualism of nature is "Everything in the World results from a balance between two forces, (20)________ and (21)__________".

The Huang River valley has fertile (22)__________ soil called loess (LES).

Why did the Zhou dynasty collapse? (23)

(24)________________ is a major crop grown mainly in southern China

Only a little (25)________ is in the Chinese diet because there is no room for animals to graze.

Read about the China Flag. What does the red color symbolize? (26)

BONUS ~ End this test by writing your Chinese name, and animal of the year you were born. CLICK HERE

Take a tour of the forbidden city

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Read about the Chinese Animal Calendar then fill in the blanks below.

Jon, Tyler and Dad are _____________s
Jamie, Sierra and Mom are _____________s
Both Jennifer's, Lew and Jasmine are ______________s
Christina and Jeff are both ______________s
Robert is a ________________
Brad and Grandma are __________
and Jason and Jaymen are ________s.
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