The Odyssey~ Book One

Odysseus leaves his family and goes to war

After 10 years the Trojans won the war against Carthige, by using a wooden horse saying it was a peace treaty.

Odysseus set out from Trop with twelve ships, each with sixty men and headed home towards Ithaca.


Odysseus and his men raided the shores of Cicones, and butchered their sheep and cattle, and stole their wine.

At dawn the Cicones attacked Odysseus and his men. All through the day the battle raged. Six warriors from each ship died upon the beach before they left.


Odysseus and his men travel to the coastline of the lotus-eaters, and they cannot eat the lotus or they will give up hope of going home.

Three of his men eat the lotus plant, and Odysseus has to drive them down to the ship, and tie them down.


Odysseus and his men take shelter in a cave on Polythemus' land.

Polythemus accidentally traps them in there with a big boulder

When he finds out there in there he eats a couple of Odysseus' men, and traps them in there longer.

Odysseus offers Polythemus wine, gets him drunk, and tells him his name is Nobody.

Odysseus makes a spear out of a tree and stabs the Cyclops in the eye

Gets away under the sheep and rams.

And the Cyclops tells everyone that Nobody stabbed me.

Odysseus teases Polythemus from the boat.

Polythemus has his father Poseidon, and the god of the sea, put a curse on Odysseus


Odysseus's and his men reached the isle of Aeolia. Aeolus was a kind man who cared for them for a month. Aeolus gave Odysseus a paterned bag tied with silver thread.

Odysseus guarded the bag carefully for nine days.

Odysseus� men open the bag of wind and get blown back to Aeolia.

Odysseus asked Aeolus to secure winds again, but Aeolus refused.


They set sail, yet again, and arrived in the land of the Laestrygonians, a race of cannibals.

The cannibals destroy all of Odysseus' ships but the one he is on.


Odysseus escapes, with what is left of his crew, and reaches Aeaea, the island ruled by Circe.

Circe transformed half of his men to swine, but Odysseus demands she changes them back to human form.

Circe insisted Odysseus visit Hades, the land of the dead. She promised Odysseus her protection and sent the north wind to guide his ship.


In Hades, Odysseus saw the souls of friends killed at the lotus island coast, and that of his mother, who had died pining for his return.

He promises his friend a proper burial.

Odysseus poured libations around a pit, and waited for Tiresias.

Odysseus met Tiresias, a blind prophet, who told him how to overcome future hazards. He is told that on Thrinacia he is not to mess with the sun god�s cattle, or he will be in great danger.


He has his crews ears plugged, and is tied to the hull of his ship, so that the Songs of the Sirens will not distract them.


Odysseus and his men have to maneuver their boat around Charybdis, or they will all die.

Odysseus decided he�d rather have Scylla eat six of his men with each of her heads, than Charybdis swallows all of his men.


Odysseus tells his men not to tamper with the sun god cattle or they will die.

They�re there so long that while Odysseus is sleeping a few of his men go and eat all of the cattle.

The sun god got mad and destroyed Odysseus� ship, and kills some of his men.


Zeus hit the ship with a tornado which tossed men overboard. Only Odysseus, who had not eaten the sun god's cattle, was saved.

For nine days he was tossed upon the waves. On the tenth day he was washed up on the isle of Ogygia, hone of the lonely goddess Calypso.

Calypso treaded Odysseus with magic potions and nursed him to health. For seven years Calypso kept Odysseus with her.

Athena finally took piety on Odysseus and pleaded with Zeus on his behalf.

Hermes, the messenger ordered Calypso to helped Odysseus leave for Ithaca. She obeys reluctantly.


Odysseus sets out to sea. Poseidon, the father of Cyclops lifted a wave and engulfed the raft sucking him downward.

A sea nymph, Ino, bid him to swim to shore.

After two days Odysseus reached land, but was unable to climb the steep cliff.

Ino sent a wave to wash him to the bank.


Princess Nausicaa came to the river with her maids to wash clothes. The princess took piety on Odysseus and bade her maids wash and dress Odysseus.

She took him to the palace. A feast was held in his honor.

Early the next morning Odysseus and his gifts were borne on board a ship and rowed toward Ithaca by the brave citizens of Scheria.

When they reached Ithaca they wrapped Odysseus in blandkets and left him on the beach with his gifts.


Odysseus's troubles were not over. Penelope's suitors had helped themselves to his house and food.

Athena warned Odysseus of those who misused his home and wished him dead. she disguised him as a beggar.

Athena transformed Odysseus to his former glory and father and son rejoiced at their reunion. They plotted to rid teir home of its hated guests.


Odysseus dressed as a pauper came to beg for food. After all had eaten Penelope who had not recognized her husband guided by Athena brought out his bow. She said she would marry the suitor who could string the bow and shoot through twelve axes as Odysseus once had.

All tried and failed for it was a mighty bow. Then the beggar demanded his right to try and amidst jeers took up the bow stringing it with ease he shot through all twelve axes.

While the feasters sat stunned, Odysseus took another arrow and shot a suitor. Instantly the other suitors scattered in all directions. Athena took off Odysseus's disguise and those who had remained loyal to their king ran to his aid as did Eumaeus and Telemachus. They drove out the suitors of his kingdom and was reunited with his beloved Penelope.

Zeus tired of the warfare that had surrounded Odysseus for twenty years let fly a flaming bolt and Athena cried out that the time for peace had come to Ithaca.

Stories of the Trojan War and Odysseus's eventful journey home spread across the world.

King Odysseus and his loyal Queen Penelope ruled Ithaca wiesely and happily.