Program 30 ~ In The Main Studio
Bullfrog and Butterflies sung by
Avery Burnell & DaMiah Landrum.

JCILrainbowkidsbu from mauri gandy on Vimeo.

The above program was shown during the
JCI Live Summer Backup 2014


Starring Brett Lewis Burnell


Avery Rose Burnell


Introducing DaMiah Landrum


Special guests: Skylar Quinn & Bella Hernandez

Story of the Spirit of Fear

For more information on the battle against the devil go to: King's Knights at Just 4 Kids

Some of this program was filmed at Crowe's Nest Farm in Manor, Texas. CLICK HERE for more information and photographs.

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    Rainbow Castle television is an
    educational program for children.

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    This program began airing in June 2014