Rainbow Castle ~ Program 42

Brett and Jamie of Rainbow Castle Kids go to Mueller Lake Park in Austin, TX. Brett learns about ducks and spiders, and explores Mueller Lake Park playground. They sing "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" along Mueller Lake.


The artistic 23 foot spider at Mueller's Southwest Greenway was made by Dixie Friend Gay

Spiders have 8 legs and sometimes 8 eyes.
They make silk
They live in prairies and woodlands.
They are fierce predators and hid in burrows. Some jump and fly using silk and thread.
Large tarantulas can be 3 inches across.
Spiders hunt at night.

Mauri Gandy reads story on Prince Jacinth of Rainbow Castle and Gideon bible story. J. Craig Gandy interviews Ray Blue of Dell Children's Medical Hospital. The program ends with video of some artistic cows from the Cow Parade in Austin.