Rainbow Castle ~ Program 43

The Rainbow Castle Kids get together for Thanksgiving and make "Smores" in the backyard. Mauri Gandy reads from her book "25 Days of Advent". The Rainbow Castle kids take a trip to the playground to find "S" words. Kids learn the words sqeaking, swing, slide, sister, spray, and school. Opening song "Jesus" by Darren Shaw.

Rainbow Castle Lessons are now available on television programs on Channel Austin 11.

Rainbow Castle television is an
educational program for children.

The Rainbow Castle kids play at the playground.

Find the words that begins with


Swing, Slide, School, Spray, Sister, Smores, Squeak and Spider

There are two more "S" words that you can ask children to find that I did not include in the program.

"SMOKE" is seen coming out of the fire pit when the children are making "SMORES"

Avery is "SMILING" when she gets a "SMORE".

Other "S" words you might mention is "STANDING", "SITTING", "SLIDING", SWINGING"

Can you think of more words?

This 15 minute program aired on Channel Austin 10 on:
Saturday January 28th at 7 AM
Tuesday January 31st at 7:30 PM