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Jesus' Last Prayer

    After they ate Jesus and His disciples walked to the garden called Gethsemane, on the Mount of Olives. He told them to sit and wait for Him.

    Then Jesus went further on, with Peter, and John and James, the sons of Zebedee. He asked them to stay awake near by, while He prayed alone. When He knelt to pray He was overwhelmed with sadness, but He told God that He was ready to face His death.


    Suddenly a crowd of soldiers and priests burst into the garden. Judas, the Disciple that betrayed Him, led them to Jesus. Judas came up to Jesus and kissed Him on the cheek. This was a sign to the soldiers to take hold of Jesus. The Disciples deserted Him and fled. The soldiers lead Jesus to the House of the High Priest, Caiaphas, who wanted Him to die.

    Matthew 26:36-56


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