Program 47 ~ Jamie & Brett learn about Peacocks at Mayfield Park in Austin, TX

How Many Peacocks Can You Find in the Tree? Click on picture for larger view.

The Mayfield cottage was built in 1870. Allison Mayfield purchased the cottage and 23 acres for his family as a summer cottage and weekend retreat in 1909. Mr. Mayfield was a prominent Austin political figure and Chairman of the Railroad Commission and former Secretary of State. Their only child, Mary Frances Mayfield who married Milton Gutsch in 1918. Dr. Gutsch was Chairman of the History Department at the University of Texas. The couple moved in to the cottage in 1922 and added porches to three sides of the house reflecting the Bungalow style of the early 20th Century.

The peacocks were gifts from friends in 1935 and the descendants are still on the park today. The historic Mayfield Park is available for small events and weddings and a favorite location for photographers. For more information go to: Mayfield

Peafowl are male and females.

All Peacocks are male and have beautiful bright blue long tail feathers that follow behind them.

Peahens are female peafouls

Each peafowl has a crest on it's head. The crest is a crown of feathers.

Peafowl eat insects, grains, fruits, seeds, and flowers. Sometimes they eat frogs and snakes. Eyespots are spots on their tail feathers that look like eyes.

Peafowl live in parks and gardens.

Peafowl can live where it is very hot. they can also live where it is very cold.

Peahens can fly better than peacocks because they do not have long train feathers to slow them down.